School Secretary Bracelet

The secretary bracelet is similar in style to the teacher bracelet (as shown). Each bead takes on its own meaning and will make your school secretary know just how special she is. Secretary Poem Included: As Yellow as the sunshine you welcome everyone in. You're always in the office and ready to begin. Purple is for the patience you show through the year. You're important to our school, it's all so very Clear. The color Red represents the tasks you complete every day. And Green is for your warmth and your very caring way. The kids and parents are lucky to have a secretary like you. Our appreciation is all wrapped up in the little bead blue.

Swarovski Crystals
Sterling Silver
Special Poem Card
A great gift idea for to give to a special school secretary
Great Retirement Gift

Fashionable Silk Scarf - Indian Floral Print - Hippie Style - Purple, Blue & Gold

Toys & Games
This fashionable, long, rectangle sheer scarf is made using traditional craftsmanship and super soft 100% pure silk.

Its light design makes it perfect for all occasions.

Measures approximately 66 x 19 inches.

100% Pure Silk
Made in India by traditional methods
Sheer transparent material
Bright, intricate design
Measures approximately 66 x 19 inches